Saturday, 13 July 2013

Another pick and DKC Evening!

First of all another pick for today..and one I was quite surprised at is Lleyton Hewitt pick against John Isner.
Well it's come up anyway after some calcs so..

Lleyton Hewitt @ 2.33

DKC evening is Donkey Kong Country! Yes that's right the classic SNES platformer.
My goal is to beat DKC 1,2&3 all with the maximum % possible in each, yes I am that sad, however I am near the end of finishing all the levels in DKC 1, so after that it'll just be completing all the levels by finding all the bonus rooms..quite looking forward to it, and it kills time whilst I'm waiting for my girlfriend to finish work in the evening.

Here's a little video of a level in DKC I fondly remembered as a kid, yes I know it's not trading related but keeps thing's amusing (at least for me!)

Unless you use the shortcut in this level it is pretty hard with the snow falling very heavy adding to the disorientation...ah memories, what a brilliant series!

More picks tomorrow hopefully, I think I'm staying away from qualifiers for next weeks tournaments just due to the fact probably wouldn't be able to get money on realistically but I'll see.

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