Friday, 12 July 2013

Another Pick

Another pick for tomorrow:-

Victor Hanescu @ 2.36.

Again these are me just paper trading and putting them out here, there not actually for anyone to follow, so if anyone did, you would do so blindly and at your own risk!

Whilst were on the subject, Michale Russell pick came in, but he hit 1.03 and then went out to around 10s at one point after hitting 1.03. If he had lost that match I would of been looking at a £-427 loss so far I believe over just a couple of picks which is always good for the confidence ;). As such though, he managed to win in a long drawn out affair which means after a total of 6 picks so far I am currently £-61 (DAMN YOU HLACKOVA!). I'm hoping before the end of the tennis season I can maybe collate around 200-300 picks as a minimum..anywhere above 300+ would be very nice though mind you! :)

Till the next post...

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