Wednesday, 24 July 2013

As promised a breakdown of the results so far!

As promised here it is people!

Since I began doing the picks exactly two week's ago, here's the low-down / break-down / smack-down, whatever way down you want to call it..that's a little misleading since it actually hasn't really been low-down..erm... yea anyway let's continue..

Over 55 picks (57 in total, but two out-standing still), they have produced so far:-

 £-66 profit

Since the new criteria (mainly for reducing the amount of high odd matches, nothing else much has changed) there has been 20 picks, these have produced so far :-

£+296 profit

Now this is where it get's much more interesting!

Here's a very basic qry page..I say basic, but some guy I know is designing it for me and this has all been done today, so it's a long way off to completion or looking snazzy n jazzy, bells and whistles and chocolate bit's on top!

With this query I can basically break down the odds range into what ranges I want, this give's me a more detailed breakdown of where I'm either making or losing money.

In the screenshot below, the most important odd ranges for me, are 1.01 - 2.00, 2 -3 and 1.01 - 3.00

The screenshot below shows other odd ranges that I just had a play around with, to show what the P/L is like.

So far out of all the picks since the start, odd ranges 1.01 - 2 and 1.01 - 3.00 are showing a profit..yes I am WELL AWARE that I need way more picks, but the point is this will allow me to breakdown the results further in a months or two time and start to see what kind of odd ranges are losing money, and which are making money. I want to start betting from January 1st 2014 on the tennis, and so this information should surely help me before the end of the season.

I should note this is a WORK IN PROGRESS, so some of the bug's need ironing out and such still, for example Total Profit (Label needs changing!) for odd range 5-6 shows ZERO when it should in fact be £-500, that column needs fixing in that records, but everything else seems to tally up right now (:

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