Tuesday, 16 July 2013

As promised my PL screen

Well here's my profit and loss screenshot from betfair.

Few things to point out. Even though the horses say over £-160, I am actually only about £-6 down on them for the month so far..only started following some tipster picks last Tuesday, I use a different account also (not Betfair) to normally place my selections, so obviously only being £-6 down overall, there is a profit showing in that account!

However the figure I'm really interested in showing is only the Tennis.

As you can see in the screenshot below I started out relatively well..it's the last 3-4 trades..the £-102 is where I just imploded really..a lesson well learnt, you can see the other -£60 loss I talked about on the Isner game in an earlier post about leaving 2 lays in..wow I really fucked up last week to be brutally honest! You can also see I actually haven't traded since the 12th, nice little break and I've been happy doing the picks. Anyway, to keep things more exciting on the blog, I will start to trade again and talk a bit about the matches..I also said I'd post some articles which I intend on doing, it's just getting the time.

I think it'll be interesting also to post a video of me trading, maybe a few actually. First of all I need to go back over my strategies/models (Actually have them written down now), and JUST FOLLOW THEM. Without veering from them for an entire month..I think one of the issues is I also trade on instinct since I've been doing it for a while, I can clearly see value entries but often I am not sure about where my exit is..why? no strategy. Therefore it's time to make some adjustment's, to be quite honest I've been hot and cold not all year, but at the start definitely I was a mess, then I've been okay the last 3 months now wavered again. If it's one thing that you need to do in this game, it is analyze and study the figures. That's what I intend to start doing more.

Anyway, enough text-babble.

Until the next..more interesting post? (:

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