Thursday, 11 July 2013

Few days in

Just a quick post, a few days in, and I am roughly up £100 from trading the tennis, I am also up a bit on the horses, but the horses are a very long-term investment so will take a few months to see how thing's go with them.

Will be posting my P/L once the week is over. I have been doing also some paper trading with straight bet's or just started, this is just a bit of fun really but want to see if I have found an edge or not (most likely not but you never know!) with some use of statistics and prediction tools.

Anyway, after about 5 picks (I think) I am down £-323 using £100 stakes for each.

My picks for today/tomorrow are

Michael Russell @ 3.62
Kovinic @  2.37
Meusburger @ 2.7

Monfils was a close pick against Kohlscreiber, but just quite not enough in it for me, for it to be a pick.

May have some more to add which I shall do if I find any others before the end of this evening, just to post them here in advance so I'm not actually making my results up after I post them. I will post the results of the paper trade picks at the end of each month, so it will be a running total of the P/L, be nice if I can get around a 300 pick sample to give me an idea of how thing's are shaping up in the long haul.

It should be worth mentioning also, I had 2 picked out after 2 game's were in play when I decided to look them up..both of them would of came in so I'd probably be in profit at the moment..7 pick sample size I know!

My bet's so far have been the following:-

Sugita £-100
Mannarino @ 3.81 £-100
Michale Russell @ 1.77 £+77
J-L Struff @ 4.89 £-100
Hlackova @ 2.28 £-100 (Particularly annoying as I see she was 5-3 up in the 2nd set after winning the first set, then lost 8 games on the trot before retiring..not sure what price she hit exactly but I think it was 1.05 and below..)

That's all for now, bit of a boring post, but I hope to pick thing's up in the coming weeks :)

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