Monday, 22 July 2013

More picks for Tuesday...Tips/picks & Trading review & update coming on Wednesday!

So I will post a little review of where I am with trading..started trading again today, but will also give a little review of where the tips/picks currently are far I'm back in profit overall and in a nice profit since the new criteria came in..but it's only been about 10+ picks but always nice to be in profit, but still have 3 games from the picks I posted yesterday for today and Tuesday to be played, so far it's been 3W 1L and 3 more to go. If one more comes in that will have made those 7 picks a decent profit altogether.

Anyhow I shall give a breakdown on Weds as to where I currently am for trading and the picks..remember the picks are a very long-term aim, so I'm thinking of 100s before I can start to see if there making a profit or loss, however the trading I'm looking at slightly shorter time-frame but still on a monthly basis seeing how I'm doing.

Picks for tomorrow:-


Few close picks for Atlanta, but just didn't quite make the cut.
Looking at the other tournaments now.


Laaksonen @ 3.66 (-£100)
Crivoi @ 3.42(-£100)
Delbonis @ 2.24 (+124)


Hlackova @ 2.31 (-£100)
Voskoboeva @ 1.73 (+£73)

No more picks for this post!

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