Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pick results for today + news...yeah news!

Just a quick update,

Hewitt beat Isner 2-1.
Carlos Berlocq won in straight set's and Meusburger lost 2-1 to Halep - Had the advantage of serving first in the 3rd but couldn't hold serve.

So results are:-

Hewitt @ 2.33 (+£133)
Meusburger @ 5.45 (-£100)
Berlocq @ 3.79 (+279)

If I have totalled everything up correctly, then so far the picks have produced £360 profit on £100 level stakes. Would actually be more if I had managed to pick up 2 matches I did check up on however they were already in-play so obviously couldn't count them towards the overall profit/loss.

Picks will be up later on this evening - I need to sort out my timezone on blogger as everypost except my last one has been based on Pacific Daylight time...

Now for the news, haven't traded at all today, in total I'm only £+25 up for it (screenshot to come on Tuesday after exactly one weeks trading). Really could of and should of done some today, but quite glad I just relaxed today. Horse racing profit (not on Betfair..well I do use it a little bit to place some of my orders) is not big at all, maybe £10-20 which is what I'm going to check on now and update..saying that it's only been about 3 days in so long way to go yet.

Until the next post.

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