Friday, 12 July 2013

Picks for 13/07/2013

Three picks atleast tomorrow, one right borderline would of made 4, but as it's right on the border I'd rather not risk picking it, still need to do Isner vs hewitt but will do it tomorrow morning, if it's a pick it'll get posted.

Picks for the 13/07/13 are:-

Victor Hanescu @ 3.45
Meusburger @ 2.03
Estrella Cabeza-Candela @ 5.96

That's all for tomorrow, let's see how I get on tomorrow..I'm about £40-50 up on the tennis since starting now which is arghh, but my own fault, wasted loads of profit tonight but still..up with a profit, so head down back to the grind for this weekend and next week.

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