Saturday, 20 July 2013

Picks for Sunday and Results for today

 I have made the changes from the picks that were picked for today, so will use those changes for the future. It will mean there will be less high odd picks most likely e.g in the 4+ range, but will also focus on more favourite picks also, so more of a range between 1.5 - 3.0 I'd expect, which hopefully will produce a better overall S/R and in the long-term smoother profit (or loss) line!

Currently including all the old picks the S/R is 34.21%..realistically this needs to be more around 40+ mark imo. Current profit is £-139 which isn't actually THAT bad over 38 picks that I've plucked out so far, so can't really complain, onwards and upwards and hopefully be in a decent profit by the end of the tennis season, although if it's a loss it's fine also, as long as it helps me learn and adjust and get me analyzing the figures, maybe even finding other profitable areas? Then it's all good!

I will be trading again from Monday onwards but since I was roughly breakeven anyway with the tennis I will probably just half the bank and start from £200 as I want to just strictly only follow my strategies I have laid out. I know the strategies are profitable from trading the rest of the year already and viewing my P/L, my only issue is when I veer from them I cause myself issues.

I'm halfing my bank also because if I'm being honest, I don't need £400 as a starting bank - £200 is mroe then enough and I'd rather put £200 away saved up towards my holiday in October.

Today's results:-

Hlavackova @ 2.3 (+£130)
Almagro @ 1.7 (-£100)
Falla @ 2.93 (+£193)

Tomorrow's Picks (Sunday) - TO BE UPDATED

Pospisil @ 2.82 (-£100)
Delbonis @ 3.10 (£-100)

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