Sunday, 14 July 2013

Picks for today/results

So, the results so far for today:-

Victor Hanescu @ 3.45 (£-100)
Meusburger @ 2.03 (£+103)
Estrella Cabeza-Candela @ 5.96 (-£100)

Cambeza-Candela came close'ish just wasn't however to put it together after the first set and hold serve well enough.

Picks picked for tomorrow so far:-

Carlos Berlocq @ 3.79
Meusburger @ 5.45

May be another to come but need to wait for the newport final to be done, Monday's matches will be posted tomorrow evening hopefully. After a couple hundred picks, will have a look through to see if there are specific odd ranges not being profitable, or if some are more profitable. If it becomes the case I have made profit over certain odd ranges and others have lost money then I know I will be making progress! Still a long way to go yet! Hopefully by the end of this month I may be able to get up to either near 100 picks in total or just over. Depends how many get thrown up.

On a side note, I finished DKC 101%..onto DKC2 tomorrow, my life is now complete.

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