Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Picks for tomorrow 17/07/13


 Pereira @  2.43 (-£100)
Parra Santonja @ 5.23 (-£100)
Golubic @ 2.77(-£100)
Jan Hajek @ 4.54 (+£354)
Haase @ 4.05 (-£100)
Berlocq @ 1.82 (+82)
Kavcic @ 6.05 (-£100)

Both haase and kavcic are pretty much borderline..for the time being I'm going to allow these kind of picks onto the list, but I may well adjust the cut off price that I use up a little bit to make the picks a bit more selective..I'll give it to around 150-200 picks first, and if it isn't showing a decent enough profit or a small loss then I will tighten the selection process up to be more stringent.

Results for today will be posted later on after the last game of the evening, so far not the greatest day at all. Hopefully I'll get a winner the last match of today (Malisse), to keep me in profit so far until the sample size get's big enough ;)

Results so far today (and it's been a bad one overall for me! With just 2 out of 15 selections for my tennis and horse racing that have been winner's today!). Got to take the rough with the smooth I suppose (:

Teliana Pereira @ 2.63(+£163)
Salamanca @ 6.49 (£-100)
Malisse @ 1.91 (£-100)
Golubev @ 4.93 (£-100)
Beluccia @ 2.49 (£-100)
Montanes @ 2.18 (£-100)
Shahar Peer @ 3.49 (£-100)

Some pretty woeful performances overall today.

If Malisse win's the match that he's playing now (currently 1-1 in set's), then I will be up £114 still overall over 22 selections thus far..considering how poor today's been overall I'd be quite happy with that! If he loses, then it will show around a £-77 loss I think..my database will tell me all anyway, this is why I'm thinking about dropping the borderline picks and being more selective but at the expense of a fewer picks..probably from after tomorrow onwards that's what I will do..as I've already posted the haase + kavcic picks..they will ofcourse stay.

Update:- Malisse played pretty woeful..just looked like he really didn't care that much to be there, even in the 2nd set he won 6-3, it was more a case of Falla failing on his serve then Malisse taking the set away from him..

That leaves the picks currently at £-77 over 22 picks, still very early day's yet though, the lowest point has been nearly £-400 loss, anyhow, keeping it up and I'll see if tomorrow's matches fair a little (a lot) better!

Will have some more 'exciting' things to post in the next post..posting pick updates is kind of boring for readers!

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