Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Picks for tonight/tomorrow - to be updated today/tonight

Picks for tonight/tomorrow:-

 TO BE UPDATED - Put Watson back in..Apologies my mistake agqin. 


Al Kuznetsov @ 5.80 (-£100)


Karatantcheva @ 6.20 (-£100)
Razzano @ 2.85 (+£185)
Riske @ 2.79 (-£100)
Garcia @ 5.91 (-£100)
Matosevic @ 5.18 (+£418) <-- First winner out of 12 over odds of 5.00
Haase @ 2.97 (+£197)
Thiem @ 3.49 (-£100)
Watson @ 2.77 (-£100)

Spat out 4 picks which are over odds of 5.0..will this finally be the time a winner or two pops up?

Garcia and Karantancheva both looks big prices considering how there respective opponent's can play at time's (Stosur & Makarova). Speaking of which, Makarova was 1-4 down and Bouchard had a breakpoint to make it 1-5 to her..ofcourse she never won a game after that game in the set, and went on to only win another 2 game's in the entire match..sigh.

Going to be making another very minor adjustment to the picks from Friday's picks onwards! Hopefully this will smooth out the process, give me a little less picks but should increase the S/R & return of profits a bit more.

I will be doing a post shortly giving a breakdown of the results so far.

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