Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Profit & Loss breakdown coming tomorrow..It's a good one, the figures are deceiving!

Quick post.

Going to post a P/L breakdown tomorrow..and yes the figures are actually deceivingly good so far!

Overall I am only up a small profit..but I have had 7 bets (I think) over odds of 5.0 and zero winners.
Checking my query in my spreadsheet, from odds of 1.01 - 4.9 I have made £1200 profit over 67 selections..now this will change quite drastically tonight as I have bet's in place so will most likely drop down..maybe even down to £600, but the point is I've not had a winner of 5.0+ yet which is probably why the P/L looks worse then it actually should be..again, variance and such..it evens out in the long run!

I've had a pretty torrid time since Saturday with Match points not being converted in my matches 0/5 when the underdog was in a winning position. Kevin Anderson failing to convert 0/11 breakpoints vs Isner obviously compounded matters!

Bla bla bla less waffle..the point is I am quietly confident (LOL Sample size!) that I will be making money long term..It's unlikely I will have many bet's over 5.0 now, as my tweaked criteria doesn't throw hardly any up, however I am quietly confident that once I get to around the 300+ pick mark, that I will be showing both a healthy and decent profit/ROI from the beginning, and even better profit/ROI since I made the selection/criteria changes..all I've got to do now is stay patient, and give it another 2 months, to gave enough results that should (hopefully), push me over that 300 bet's barrier!

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