Friday, 19 July 2013

Results and picks for Saturday

Wow, what a shocking run in everything so far!

Just had a look at my database, from the 16th to the 17th I had a run of 9 consecutive losses! Out of my last 19 picks I've had 3 winner's and the last 5 picks have all just lost in a row, lovely :D

Even the horses have been failing miserably for the past few days, I think out of the last 25 or so picks, I've had about 3 winner's there also and a lot have been at reasonable odds, so is quite frustrating..but I'll just keep plugging away for now.

The benefits of recording the results are after I hit the magical 200 picks mark, I can at least take a look to see if certain odd ranges have been more profitable then others or not,  not only that I can see where the underdog's have taken a set, so if the favourite is winning 2-1 for example relatively often it could actually be potentially profitable to bet 2-1 on matches that get spat out via my little program and calcs! So even if it run's a loss (which I said at the beginning most likely they won't be profitable but only time and picks will tell! (: ), if it opens up other potential avenues for the future then it's well worth it, even so just for the experience.

I may also change the way I choose the picks after 200-300 if there not providing a profit, because I do have another little avenue that I wish to try and explore and see if they will be profitable that way..which I actually have a feeling they may well be, but first of all I need to set up an excel spreadsheet for that as my access database doesn't currently have the information I'd need to be able to do it yet.

Again no trading at the moment, will make a decent go at it from next week onwards again.


Picks for tomorrow (TO BE UPDATED)

Hlavackova @  2.3
Almagro @ 1.76
Falla @ 2.93

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