Friday, 12 July 2013

When thing's go boring..

Well the last 2 nights have just highlighted to me how mind-numbing trading can be at times if I had wanted to forget! Two small losses so far this evening, a £7'ish loss on the Isner v karlovic game which is still going on as I type this, and £8 or so loss on the Zakopalova game.

At the moment, I can't not seem to pick a game which doesn't go to 40-40 or 30-30 multiple times then DOESN'T GO - A-40 or 40-30..I just want a sniff of a breakpoint but nope..the players are not obliging currently for me! Should mention my stake now have risen to £27.50 of betfair's finest liability.

For the picks for yesterday/today, well Michael Russell one and that bought me to £-61 in total, here's todays results from picks posted yesterday (or just after midnight today/this morning).

Kovinic had chances to win but lost £-100
Meusburger won nicely so £+170
Hanescu won so £+136

That takes me to £145 profit after 9 picks I think..on laptop and not my PC so don't have access to my database and I'm too lazy to look through my other posts at the moment!

As I write this I left 2 lays is on the Isner game which have been gobbled up so I now have a £62 liability(and most likely loss..sigh). Thats yesterdays profit wiped out in one foul swoop..time to stop for the day..

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