Friday, 30 August 2013

Direction of the blog..Changes to the future!

Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog so far. I have to apologies a little as all I have been doing is posting picks/bets and posting results with the odd profit/loss breakdown (another one coming at the beginning of September).

Basically at the moment, because I am updating my blog and database with results and now starting to do a bit of trading, of which I am starting properly from today, I haven't been able to post anything really of worth lately, no articles or really any other interesting posts. So first of all, apologies on that behalf.

Once I go 'live' in 2014 with my betting, I will no longer be posting my bets here. I of course will be posting my progress profit + loss wise, but this will allow me to spend much much more time talking about my trading journey (and betting!) and posting actually worthwhile to read posts.

However, I hope everyone who reads so far keeps reading and will continue to do so into the future because it's only going to get more interesting! I have a goal for 2014 and that is making a 5 figure+ sum profit wise on betting/trading combined..when I put my mind to something and the effort in I generally achieve 2014s goal is going to be to achieve just that.

I will be posting a few updates next month also about how my trading is going, starting from a £100 bank from today, and reading up on some more things in the next week or so. I'm in no rush this year, so for me it'll be about reading up more and just improving my direction for a big push in 2014..however if I make a nice profit with trading till the end of the year..well I'll be more then happy with that and it'll just give me a nice bank to play with for starting off the new year (:

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