Sunday, 18 August 2013

I'm still alive! Picks for Sun/Mon 18/08/13 - 19/08/13

Haven't really posted any picks for the last few days, as there really hasn't been much value to be had in the back-end of this master's tournament..very similar to the grand-slams in that regards when there into there 2nd week's, as the odds are usually very much in-line.

Anyway picks...



Berankis @ 2.16 (+£116)
Gimeno-Traver @ 2.70 (+£170)
Wozniak @ 5.19 (-£100) - As soon as she went 5-4 down in the tie breaker I knew it was game over. Close one.
Jovanovski @ 2.13 (-£100) As frustrating as wozniak game

Evening's additions

Schmiedlova @ 4.67 (-£100) - 6-4 6-4 loss.
De Bakker @ 2.09 (+£109)
Garcia-Lopez @ 3.48 (-£100)

No more picks for Monday! 

Looks like starting to hit another little bad patch of variance but to be expected with my strike-rate so far, my database showed a run of 11 consecutive losses before today I believe...then again it depends how I entering them into it whether or not they run concurrent or not.

Not that it matters, just got to keep plucking the picks out and stay firm, and still looking good profit wise so far since the new criteria. Marathon not a sprint (:

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