Saturday, 3 August 2013

Part of the next process in the near future

Part of the process for me in the near future once I have around 300+ odd results will be to start to breakdown the figures then. So far up until today's picks but not including them, I am down overall about £-414, since the new criteria I am down about £-56 I think..need to re-check.

The next stage once I have over 300+ picks overall, if I am in a loss overall and down quite a bit (hope I'm not, but could be if some ranges are proving not as profitable as others), will be to start to look at getting more winner's then losers, this would again probably mean that I will have to just tweak the % band that I give when I pick my selections, so basically - less picks but where I believe those selections have a decent % to win, that's basically what I do already, however I may need to increase that % bigger to then what I currently have it as.

We'll see how thing's go's only the beginning of August and the picks have only been going for 3 weeks, still all of August,Sept,Oct and part of November to go yet, so PLENTY of time..I am however just about £7 off my lowest profit point..things seem to be rather break-even at the moment. We'll see how thing's progress!

Will give another breakdown of the results at the end of this's hoping thing's turn around a little bit..on a losing streak of 7 picks out of 8 and one voided currently.

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