Sunday, 4 August 2013

Picks for monday + Tuesday - 05/08/13 - 06/08/2013


From now on in, will be doing picks down to 1.50 as long as the system says there is value there - before I would not go below 1.70, will see how I get on with these until the end of the season, may push the profit margin into a minus figure at the end of the season, but worth doing during the paper phase to see how they work out. <--


Wickmayer @ 2.41<--VOID as was versus Robson, match was cancelled.
J.Zheng @ 2.76 (-£100)
Zemlja @ 3.00 (-£100)
Belucci @ 2.37(-£100)
Benjamin Becker @ 2.19 (-£100)

Not overly impressed with my B.Becker pick as it was on the edge..Belucci has just annoyed me to hell tonight though. Unfortunately at the moment, the moment I string a few win's together, there's a concurrent row of losses afterwards which is grating. Still the 1.01 - 3.00 odds range show's a decent enough profit still..for now.


Provisional Picks for Tuesday - Prices to be added Monday evening

Wozniacki @ 1.65 <-- VOID as now has a bye from 1st round
A.Kleybanova @ 3.22 (-£100) - Lost fairly easily
Dubois @ 2.11(-£100) - Won first set after being 3-0 down but let fischman be too aggressive and couldn't keep up.
Peliwo @ 4.63 (+£363) - Nieminen retired - will take the luck though!
Dancevic @ 2.51 (+151) - Dancevic was a set and 2-0 down in the 2nd, good win for him in the end.
Benneteau @ 3.22 (-£100) Reminded me once again why he has never won a ATP Tour Final in 7 attempts..crumbles under here would of meant an Excellent start to today..but it wasn't to be.
Goffin @ 5.74 (-£100) - Decent effort from Goffin, lost in straight sets.
Stepanek @ 2.48 (+£148) Nice win for Stepanek
Fognini @ 2.51 (+£151) - Trailed 1-6 from first set, but won the next two set's..funny enough 6-1 6-1.
Gronollers @ 5.17 (+£417) - Gronollers won 6-4 6-4

Great day overall, need to enter results into my database..annoyingly, I didn't get on Pospisil vs Isner early enough when his price was great as I waited, otherwise that would of been a pick and a decent win for the results.

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