Monday, 12 August 2013

Picks for Tuesday - 13/08/2013

These picks are on top of the picks from my last post that are also for Tuesday.

After his post I will be giving a breakdown of my P&L so far, so as soon as I've done the selections!


Nieminen @ 2.46 (+£146)
Annika Beck @ 3.39 (-£100)
Brian Baker @ 5.00 (-£100) - Added at 18:52 UK time
Stepanek @ 1.87 (-£100) - Added at 19:03 UK time
Wickmayer @ 2.96 - I don't really know what's happened here as it just says 'cancelled' but according to the scoreboard it was In-Play, but I don't see any winner yet so..I'll just wait and see ..not sure what to do with this one yet. - Added at 19:04 UK time

May have more to add tomorrow evening when I get back in for matches that are not available to me at the moment.

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