Monday, 12 August 2013

Profit & Loss update so far...because people like these! - I smell a profit!

So here's the breakdown of the P&L so far..

..let's go into detail!

In total since I first started, I have placed 136 bets (up until the Fish match tonight).

The profit & Loss total for those bet's is £838 profit as you can see below. This hit a peak of just over £1100 profit about 3 days ago i believe.

Since the new criteria there have been 101 bet's this has resulted in a £1200 profit so far. This hit a peak profit of £1500, again about 3 days ago.

Now onto the spreadsheet.

This show's different odds ranges broken down for all bets since the very beginning.

This one shows the odds ranges broken down for all bets since the change in criteria (20/07/13).

Now broken down for months:-

From the beginning for all of July:-

July P&L since the new criteria:-



Profit and loss for August so far:-

Well that was a nice post to write and do the screenshots for. To be honest I find betting a bit tedious compared to trading..even though it takes much less time for me to do, it feels harder..I guess it's because I'm not clicking button's on the ladder..who'd of thought I'd prefer something harder to do instead!?

Hopefully this gave a nice little breakdown so far of how the testing is going..just got until November to go, may the profit's continue..PLEASE PLEASE continue until November!! (:

On that note one last thing, never give up. You never know what might just be around the corner, I think TheSultan's blog is a great example of that..if you know you can do it and your strategies work but it's just the discipline side for example, then there is no point quitting and coming back and failing and rinse and repeating.

Work on your weaknesses if you know what they are, discipline is one of the key factors to being a winner, I've nearly wavered a few time's with these bets, especially when things looked bleak at one point, but I didn't and I had to carry on plucking them out even though whenever I hit a new peak I went back into a minus figure again, let that be a reminder to you all that it is never as easy as it looks, it's taxing on the mind - good job I'm relatively strong willed in that department.

Work on your weaknesses and strife to be the best you can be. Above all, take your betting/trading seriously, treat it like a business and it will eventually treat you!

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