Wednesday, 18 September 2013

More interesting reading coming very soon..

As the post title says really.

I'm going to talk a bit more about the results, no breakdown though, that will come at the end of the month, so watch this space in the next few days, hopefully by Friday evening my post will be up about what I want to talk about. A lot of it will be about the picks so far - number of picks I am producing and concerns that I am too far off from the Strike Rate I want (which I am).

The lack of a bigger ROI so far with at times results feeling they are more break-even then producing a steady increasing profit, future goal to give better value in the picks most likely resulting in less picks but better ROI, profit and S/R, talking partly about the results and a new method I will be implementing so I can see, look at and make changes in the future to weed out the losing '% margin' as I call it, and see what % margin is proving profitable and then stick to that range...of course I'm presuming that a certain % margin IS proving profitable (which I think it is, but since I haven't recorded this margin next to each pick originally, partially because I'm an idiot, I'm going on basically my past memory . I will talk more about this in the post when I write it up as I'm sure it makes about zero sense to most people reading at the moment!

A new angle I am looking into (still haven't managed to get round to implementing it yet though) and more about the blog and it's direction for the end of the year and 2014.

On a side note, a profitable day today along with yesterday has helped to reduce the huge loss sustained at the start of this month quite considerably.

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