Monday, 23 September 2013

Picks for Tuesday - 24/09/13


Karlovic @ 2.14 (-£100)
Wozniacki @ 1.75 (+£75)
C. Dellacqua @ 3.81 (-£100)
Peer @ 3.44 £0 - Withdrawed
S. Zheng @ 2.31 (-£100)
A. Schmiedlova @ 2.31 (+131)
Y. Meusburger @ 1.93 (+93)
A. Dulgheru @ 1.91 (-£100)
S. Zhang @ 2.03 (+£103)

Day TOTAL:  +£2

No more picks.

Finally managed to get my database updated also, broken the £2k profit barrier since the start of the picks from the new selection criteria. Have a feeling tomorrow could be a rough day, as quite a few of the picks are around evens and as I have said countless times..I'm not convinced on the profitability of them at that range, but continuing to count them as my goal was to record everything until the very least the end of the season.

Will be adding my % margin column into my database, for the picks after tomorrows, so I'll be able to analyze even further in the future and make my selections more profitable as time goes on.

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