Friday, 6 September 2013

Profit and Loss for August - Overall P/L since beginning..Let's role with it!

Ok so it's that time of the month where I look at previous month's results, and also time to take another look at the overall productivity of the bets so far.

So here we go..

August P/L:-

As you can see, a nice month for August 144 bets in total.

Total Profit +£1530   ROI - 10.63%  S/R - 33.33%

I did have one big winner here (two in fact) that gave me most of the profit. Majority of the lost profit for the month is actually due to under 2.00 odd bets - somewhere around -£900 I think for August on them, Overall even since the start of the bets without a change in criteria - to note, this change in criteria didn't affect the way bet's when the odds are under 2.00 were selected though! Well under 2.00 has been making a loss since the beginning it looks like, which I will show in a post after, I think at the end of the period - at the end of the season and going into the new year, that I will not be doing any bet's under 2.00/Evens, and most likely 2.2 will be my lowest price I will take on a bet.

However I don't really have near enough bet's on under 2.00 odds yet to really form a solid opinion on this, however I am getting quite a lot of bet's above 2.2, so I can start to formulate an opinion on this at the end of the season up to a specific range, so at the end of the day I will be going where I have enough results/sample size that is showing me a profit.

Here is the OVERALL profit and loss since I began. This is from my database.

As you can see since the very beginning without the criteria change, only +£1116 of profit at an ROI of 4.63%

Below is two screenshot's of the profit and loss since the new criteria. The first one is from my database, the second one is my excel spreadsheet, the second one shows again a breakdown of the profit at different odds ranges.

Total profit since new criteria:- +£1478

Below is a screenshot of some odds ranges broken down since the new criteria

 And now the last screenshot, shows a breakdown of the odds ranges since the very beginning

For some reason my database shows 241 bets as it's toal, but excel is only counting 239, I presume this is due to void bets somewhere in the database that excel isn't counting up.

However, I hope this has given a nice breakdown as to how things are going (:

Can't wait until after the US Open, PLENTY of tournaments 2nd half of September which means PLENTY of matches I will get bet's from. Which means a bigger sample size to give me by the end of the year.

Let's role with it.


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