Thursday, 12 September 2013

Trading begins!

I will be trading from now, I originally was going to use a £100 bank, which I started actually doing, just getting a bit of practice in, but I am going to use a small £50 bank and post the results and videos here up (of me trading). Hopefully this goes well, if you can double the bank every month on average, after 6-7 months, it would give a very healthy cash amount (£6400 after 7 months if doubling the bank each month from £50). Of course as long as I am making profit then for the new season I will use a lot bigger bank then £50!

I'll still be posting the bets. I may give these until 2 months into the new season, depends on how many bets I can get in before the end of the season. Poor start to September with so far on match odds alone there being a loss of about -£1100, Ofcourse my goal is for a ROI of 6% overall, so on average that would mean every 100 bets returns me 600 pounds.

Bet's under 2.2 odds, has gotten even worse. Again I'm not too worried, I will analyze the results once again at the end of the month, and make my final break-down and analysis at the end of the season to see which odds areas are making me the most money, likelihood is though I will be scrapping bet's that are under 2.2 for the new season (seem to be getting into a bigger red), but for the sake of transparency and consistency I will change nothing until the end of the season. :)

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