Thursday, 6 February 2014

Database Available!

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to write the gigantic post I wanted to write tonight, so hopefully I will get it done tomorrow night, at least by the end of the week at the latest.

However, the database is now available for anyone who wishes to test it, I will try get the new video uploaded for use in the next post.

Be warned it is still a beta.

If you notice any bugs, or get any crashes (there's normally a easy explanation why it has crashed, like some other info needs to be entered first). Let me know and I will try to assist where possible.

You can get the database here:-

Any issues, please let me know and please give feedback, anything else you would like to see included. One of my next suggestions for implementation further down the line will be to see if it is possible, to get exportation of results to Excel, or import data also.


  1. hi, Data->Strategies does not work, there is an error showing up and windows is shutting down the app. Are there going to be updates, or we have to download new versions separately? Great app btw :) cheers

  2. Hi knapik. I was wondering who would be the first to mention that 'bug'.

    I solved it, however I will make sure it is fixed for the next release so the crash does not happen. What you need to do is add a sport, once a sport has been added you can then add a strategy and it won't shut down the app/program.

    It's a small glitch, there was a similar one in the previous version when you tried to update trades without selecting a strategy :)

    As for updates, at the moment, it will most likely be downloading new versions. I need to speak to the developer to clarify this position and how we can move forward with it for future releases.

    A lot more features etc will go into the program, I just require feedback as to what else people require to be added that will be useful/needed.

    Import/Exporting to and from Excel as I talked about in my previous post is something I want to look into, I'm sure people will want to be able to view the data on a spreadsheet also.

    1. Oh I should add actually, if you mean reference if downloading a new version you will need to add your data again. I think this is not the case, you will just need to replace the .exe file I believe and maybe one more file.

      The trades.db file should not need to be modified in future releases (this is where your trades are stored I believe).

      I will clarify with the developer so that he can let me know, as far as I am aware any future releases for the time being, you will download the new version/patch it, but it will not affect your trades already entered!