Thursday, 8 May 2014

Paper betting profits soar - trading leaves me feeling raw...

Quite an obvious title to this post..I hope?

Paper betting results continue to improve overall since my last post, I'm near on 400 bets recorded so far and should break the 600 bet's barrier by the end of this month most likely.

So far, ATP has churned out a healthy profit of +£14227.57. Saying that £8800 of that has been from two big winners, when I applied basic filters to the results, the profit is around the £9.5k mark, this also only included one of the big winners at just over £4k. With the basic filters applied, ATP started at a small negative figure but has worked it's way up steadily into profit (No huge draw downs on the way either).

WTA is slowly losing money, even with basic filters it has been hovering below and above break-even level and I have a feeling it will eventually push on deeper into the minus even with basic filters, overall loss for that with no filters is -£3352.41 so far.

Combining both set's of results with no filters leaves me with a total profit of +£10875.16

I'm pretty happy with the results so far, this also isn't without compounding the profit's and all the bet's use the standard £10k paper betting I've used since the beginning.

Of course it's still early days, but ATP profit continues to climb and WTA is going downwards, albeit not at a massively fast rate.

I've started with a very small £50 betting bank not too long ago, just to get used to placing bet's when I am carrying out my research and logging bets to get used to things. I've only been placing bet's with filters enabled though and only on ATP.

I will update with how that is progressing at the end of each month, so far so good though.

Now onto the trading side of things, well it's been the polar-opposite. Trading has gone from good to bad, or bad to worse. It doesn't really matter since it's been bad either way!

This is compounded by the fact that by internet is just too damn unstable to have faith of putting money into trade's, especially if I want to trade later on in matches or on potential pivotal moments.

I don't know if anyone is familiar with the Hull area and Karoo A.K.A KC Communications.

My internet disconnected no less than 26 times on the Monday, throughout the day and evening, it make's trading an absolute nightmare. Oh and this isn't a one off or regular occurrence, on average it probably disconnects at least 1-3 times between 6 and 12pm.

If I'm lucky I will get a period of a few days where I hardly get a disconnect, then I'll get a week of disconnecting bliss!

Anyone who is familiar with Karoo will be able to feel my pain.

You can see the comments here on review centre just to see I'm not over-exaggerating!

1.3/5 overall from 114 reviews..I should mention you can't actually give lower than 1 star either, so really there 0.3 out of 4 stars!

I've messaged a wireless service provider and they've added me to there mailing list, they should be moving into my area soon. As soon as  there available I shall be switching services for definite, they have a decent enough reputation but more importantly, stability.

Of course I can't just blame my internet, however it frustrated me a lot and I started returning to my bad ways. Luckily I ended up taking out my £20 bank out I had before, as that was all that was pretty much left by the end of the day, I had hit up to the £50 mark with some hard work and compounding my profits.

Because of my unstable internet, I'd rather not trade for the time being and throw good money away, combined with getting frustrated and letting some bad habits leak back in. It's not all been bad, I'm still a lot more disciplined then before, I think it's also the fact my internet causes me such bad problems that is compounding these issues.

For now, I won't trade anymore. I realise I sound like a broken record starting and stopping but I honestly feel it's only going to hold me back, cause me to lose (more?) money.

On the plus side it will give me the chance to invest more time into (paper mainly) betting.

Onto the database, still a lot of work to do before the next version unfortunately.
I never realised just how much work was going to actually be involved, then again I'm not actually a developer!

Some more news from the developer.

"I wasted some time last week on a data miner that was supposed to automatically fetch the teams and competitions on the website you sent me, but the site itself didn’t want to co-operate and I had to abandon that for now. So I just added a small amount of data, for testing purposes only, and I will need to look at the full set of data later to get that in a handy way. Maybe you could draw up a list of competitions/teams yourself in the mean time, of teams you would want to support out of the box. More ones could be added later on, but the major betting competitions/teams should be covered. You will know better which those are I think?
Apart from that small fiasco, I have added Football as a sport to the program now. So the database structure is now updated and I also added the update routines. I then copied all the layouts related to the sport itself, as well as all the functions related to them. So now it is a question of editing those functions to work with football instead of one of the other sports. This is easy work and it can’t fail, but it takes a little thought, some more time and a lot of testing. I will send you a screenshot or two once the program wants to compile again. Right now it’s just a seemingly endless stream of warnings and errors but more and more of those will disappear as I work through the copied code ;-)"
On a side note, I've been reading Steve's blog over at his Daily25 site (added it to my blog also not too long ago). It's about betting but it's been really interesting for me to read so far, I spoke about how I enjoyed the statistical side of my paper betting not too long back. I'm not entirely sure why but I feel myself being drawn more and more into straight betting rather than trading recently, perhaps it has to do with my recent results in both?
Hopefully I'll have more to report in a week or so's time.