Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Trading Days - US Open - First goal complete

As you may have noticed, my post titles are pretty unimaginative. I've never been great for writing to be honest!

Anyhow, I've completed my first goal to double my bank, the bank now stands at £324.57

The 2nd goal now is to hit £500, then £1000 then £2000 eventually. After that I have no idea.
I guess my goals after that will be to learn more and more and become consistently profitable for a whole season.

I won't get ahead of myself though, once I hit each of the goals I will talk a little more about what adjustments I have needed to, or need to carry out.

I had a pretty much nightmare start yesterday, I tried to trade far too many games at once which ended in some pretty bad results to start off with (see screenshot on bencic vs wickmayer game, ouch!).

I've realised that I am able to trade 2-3 games at once for the time being, that's about my current limit and all I really want to do, once I hit higher stakes, whenever that is, I'm most likely going to cut that down to just 2 tables, as I expect I will need to do more work on the ladders with regards to placement of my bets.

So anyway, after learning that valuable lesson, I'm now sticking to the 2-3 games at once rule.
If it wasn't for the US Open and there being so many matches on at once, I don't think I would of got carried away. It was a nice warning, not to get carried away where grandslams are concerned.

I also learned (once again, sigh) I hate laying from SP as I've told myself time and time again.

This was however the first time I did it since I started again, so it's something I won't be doing (never seems to work for me).

Everything was going swimmingly until later on in the evening, where my trading started to dissolve and was getting near the boundaries of gambling then trading. At this point I shut up shop for the evening and called it quits. You'll see the 2 losses in the last 3 matches (two of these losses were bigger than they needed to be).

I did make a video, it was 7 hours long and I got an error from camtasia once I tried to encode which is annoying.

I'll be making videos this week (it's good to review what you did wrong). This time I'll just be doing 2 hour periods then saving them, hopefully quick enough to record the next sections.

Last night was a LONG hard slog, I can now get a glimpse of how hard this would be to do full time.

Anyway screenshots below.

You should be able to see the matches, where some losses are too big.


  1. Nice results, keep it up all I can see is you just put too much Faith in a Wickmayer comeback.