Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Database, blogs, scammers and betting?

I really can't think of decent post titles, or maybe I'm just not putting enough effort in, bit of both I guess.

Anyway I have been quite busy recently, not so much with trading just in 'real-life', I had my girlfriend over for about 10 days staying with my constantly, she is fine with me trading/betting but I am definitely going to have to learn to manage my time better in the future when we move in together!

Anyhow, I have contacted the developer, the new version should be available shortly. It's partly my own fault I have not been able to dedicate as much time into it as I wanted to, next year I will be really concentrating on trading and betting, this season for Tennis will be over soon also.

One thing I would like to do, is speak to the developer to see if we can get some kind of forum set up, maybe a basic website, so that people can interact directly. I personally don't have the skills to do this, however he does, would be up to him how he would feel about this as for the time being he is wanting to stay anonymous.

Anyway, some information below.

"Anyway I am about two thirds done with the list of changes. Fullscreen graphs work, no more minus sign falling off and I fixed some more small things there. I also corrected all the issues with the trades overview when deleting trades or changing the date (trades remain selected and scrollbar doesn’t move back to top). Oh and it’s now possible to delete multiple trades at the same time too. And I think I already told you that clicking the headers in the trades overview now sorts the trades?
I think that’s it for now. Next on the list is the strategies/sports part. Moving strategies around and fixing the bugs you found regarding strategies."
That's about all I have for updates on the database for the time being. I really will be putting more time into helping to get v1.0 done as quick as possible after October. One of my past-times is gaming, something I intend to move away from (playing competitively at least), before the new year.

Now onto the second part of this post, good to see bruce lay is back with his blog, I have added it to my blogroll again (I removed it as it looked like it got set to private before?) as it's one of the blog's I always enjoyed reading, just because I have been on a similar style of journey.
If you get the chance take a look at it, I don't agree with everything he says (who does with opinions?), however it should help new traders see some common mistakes.
Unfortunately it would seem that he has been scammed, sorry to hear this and I hope he didn't lose too much money, however it just highlights that always be careful who you plan to give your money too, always get as much background information from possible before hand, know what your paying for and always, always, ask for proof of profit & loss sheets over a decent time-frame (year at the very least if you are paying for a service).
He does make one good point though, be careful about profit & loss printouts you put on your blog's as people can and may use these. Which is partly the reason I haven't posted any up and partly because this is the first post since my last one!
Although myself I have had people contacting me asking to see more about my P/L, but funnily enough no one asked to see the video's I had made before of when I was trading from the originaly amount, which kind of raised alarm bells.
At the end of the day, if you plan on selling something, of course, be prepared to provide details to back yourself up, if your running a blog just be careful what you post (as I shall be now more careful what I post).

Thirdly, I haven't been trading much recently just due to time issues, however I managed to break the £500 barrier which was nice and I now have a bank to also use for betting due to this.

I will be starting my betting very shortly, I didn't give up on this, but I certainly took a break.
In the future I would like to create a better model, perhaps the developer can help me with his programming ability, however for now, I'm quite happy with how my results performed, I hit a 1.18% ROI (according to my database), over 600 bet sample size.

Considering this was my first 'proper' attempt, the fact I made a small return was pretty amazing when I think about it. I also learned more about Grandslam events for betting and 5 set matches, as well as about when to place bets.
I'm still in the process of analysing my results, however I intend to start using real-money very soon just until the end of the season. 
That's about it for this post, hopefully in the next one I will have more information on the database, or even better, the new version of it!