Friday, 31 October 2014

Database v0.4 available

Hi all,

First of all, sorry for the delay, I have had the database for a few days now but it went to my spam/junk E-Mail it would seem.

This is an update to the previous versions, you can download it here:

You will need to put your trades.db file from the old version into the new tradexpert folder. Either that or extract the files into your old folder, that should work also I believe.

There will be another version, which is for new database users, this will be available by the weekend.

I will update this post once it is available.

Trading wise, I now have camtasia installed again, so I can begin to record some video's once more.
Trading's been going ok, big improvements from before. When I get a chance over the weekend I'll write a little bit more where I'm up to in this point in time.

For the time being, enjoy the new version.

Any bugs or feedback, please comment and I will reply and send the feedback onto the developer.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Database v0.4 available in a few days

Hi all,

I've just tested the new database version, I have to say, it is a big improvement over v0.3!

Everything is (almost!) working without flaw and exactly how we wanted it to work, the new version should be available in a few days time, I will make a post as soon as the revised version is ready.

The only thing were currently missing is the ability to add data into it, say for example, from betfair spreadsheet profit and loss data or trades.

This is something I am going to get the developer to look into for the last version before the new year (v0.5).

After that, we will be looking into graphics, extra's on the basic graphs (they are working fine now), colour schemes, logo's etc.

The new year we will start work on the analyzing side of the program, this will basically allow users to be able to break down there data and run queries or the equivalent, basically, stuff you can probably do in Excel but in all in one neat and tidy place.

Below is a list of all the changes the developer has made so far, I've just sent him an E-Mail so he should fix the last few very small things, then it's ready for you people!

Once v0.4 is out, I will be looking to get this on some of the forums around and getting more feedback from people. There will be a video once again for v0.4 showing how to do use the new features.

"And what follows is the finished to do list with comments. If you could go through the list and test out the program, that would be great. I will start pushing the tennis changes into the other sports too during next week.
+ Delete trade moves cursor
This is now fixed in the TENNIS trades overview.
+ Change dates -> reloads trades and puts cursor on top

This was already fixed BUT is no longer an issue as the date format options are now in their own dialog.
+ Block delete should be possible
This now works in the Tennis tab. Not only block delete, but also when selecting random trades (using the Ctrl key to click on the trades of choice).
+ Strategies have no backgrounds
Images were missing. Fixed.
+ Graphs -> minus sign has fallen off

Fixed by increasing the left margin to make room for more digits and the minus sign if needed. Tested with bigger numbers and fixed notation of them.
+ Graphs -> make full screen graphs work too now
Full screen graphs now work as well and should behave identical to the smaller graphs, just... bigger.
+ Sort trades overview by clicking on header
This now works in the Tennis tab.  If it's OK like this I will add it to the other sports as well.
+ Possibility to hide/unhide columns in trades overview
This is now done for Tennis. Please test. Click the "F" button t the right of the trades overview (the F is a placeholder, it will receive a nice icon in the future) to pop up the column filter. Uncheck columns to hide from sight and close it using the X. Now the columns will be hidden. Actually they are resized to 0 width, because truly removing them would be an arse ache of tremendous proportions :) And not only that, but you can now hide, resort, unhide and do some analyzing without having to reload the trades. So I think it's a good thing :)

+ Settings are now stored in a settings.cfg between sessions (this file sits next to the program for now).
This was not on the list but was really needed for keeping the columns hidden or unhidden between sessions (so when restarting the program). This seems to work fine for me but please test if your column selection remains the same between sessions.
+ Add options dialog, move the date format selection there and store between sessions.

This was not on the list but will be good to have to store the date format and some other stuff. Date format is now also stored between sessions.
+ Bug: Modify trade -> Sport category doesn't update

Only a small bug that was fixed with two lines of code :)
+ Bug: Trades overview -> Not all strategies are loaded into the strategies dropdown box.
Fixed in the trades overview and also in the Data tab (third tab) and the add/modify trade dialogs.
+ Feature: Move strategies from main sport strategies to sport category strategies
This now works too. Use the small ^ and v buttons for now, these buttons will also get some nice icons in the future. You can move them from the main sport strategies to sport category strategies using those buttons. You can also move them from sport to sport that way but that is a little cumbersome at the moment. If you think this swapping back and forth between sports will happen regularly, then we can improve it. Then we might even want to add a copy option. So that you can not only move a strategy but also copy so you have two strategies in different categories or even sports." 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Database incoming, ranges and trading (re)begins

First of all, I've been very busy lately. I've built a new computer and then whilst installing my graphics card, somehow I managed to mess Windows 7 up..presumably by not un-installing the old graphics drivers before hand! So I've had to get a friend help me re-install Windows 7.

Luckily, he managed to transfer all my old files over, my programs however I need to re-install, got all the important one's like geek's toy!

Anyway, now that's done, I'm free to trade again, I talked about it in my last post and I was meant to begin at the beginning of October, however the computer issues put that on hold. Now from 18:00 UK time tonight, I've began trading again, my profit and loss, will be posted up on here for October, I'll also show mybetlog progress, I'm confident enough now I'm able to make money, 2015 will be the year to really push on however.

As for betting, this will begin, at least for Tennis, once I install microsoft office again (require Excel).

Now for the database news.

A small E-Mail from the developer after I E-Mailed him to see where we were, progress wise.

"I have taken out the work I had done on the column select/unselect option because it didn’t work as I wanted it to. I will make a new and different attempt on Sunday. As for the timeframe, I will have a new version for you on Sunday 19th October at the latest. I think after some further polishing it should be ready to go out to your users the week after that. So if you put that on your blog that’s fine, I will make sure you have the new version for your users by then."

So we will see something shortly which is good.

Over at brucelay's blog there was a discussion on one of his posts about players and the market.

In my opinion you do not need to have a deep knowledge of the players to make a profit, the market is more important. That's not to say it isn't important to know the players, as the market reacts differently to some players, that you need to realise.

I mentioned to brucelay before, that knowing when there is value is more important then trading based on the players. If there is value, it should not matter which player you are trading on. I think from reading his blog, he is now understanding that knowing where/when the value is, is what makes you turn a profit.

Now on to ranges. I have seen reading blogs that people seem to struggle to know where the price will be EXACTLY. Well the thing is, the market can always overreact slightly, or underact where you think the price will go, you will not always be able to know 100% what the price will land on exactly due to this.

This is why I use chart-reading for my style of trading, along with price-ranging where I believe the price will fall between. For example, I am no longer a 'tick-dick'. Knowing roughly where the price will go after a break of serve etc, will allow you to better understand your trade and it's risk to reward potential. This is vital (in my opinion) in being able to assess if there is 'value' to be had. The lower the odds go, the easier it is for me to predict the price, the higher it goes the wider I move my range (Although it is still tight).

I don't really have much time to write a bigger post, however in my next (long) post, I will be looking to talk more about trading as I've written in the paragraph just above.

On that note, I just landed a nice green on the mathieu vs Gicquel match (Yes, I've been demoted to trading Challenger events due to not being able to trade the ATP/WTA tour!).