Tuesday, 11 November 2014

First Profit & Loss week. 4th - 10th November

Apologies for the delay,

I have been away celebrating my birthday and also proposed to my girlfriend, so it's been a pretty busy week for me.

However, I managed to get some trades in before I went away for a city break.

Results are below.

As you can see, 5 continuous losing results, and 3 big losses on this last page, all for around the -£150 mark. The 5 losses in a row don't bother me, the two big one's do.

I am using bigger stakes then before, however not £150 big (£50 big I have been up to, but have sunk a few £50 bet's into the market for these bad losses to appear). The losses are inexcusable to be honest. Even though I have much more money then the £500 bank I set aside, that isn't really an excuse to be using it.

So I still need to work on my discipline quite obviously, but it's getting better..slowly. Obviously over-confidence has taken it's grasp. I am learning and learning though, getting there!

The good side is, I only use part of my bank at a time now, what I don't need stays in the confines of my bank accounts. This has meant I haven't been near blowing my bank, the only time I've lost big is when I've already made decent profit before hand. Stupid, yea?

I think this is one of the things that has helped me not go as crazy-stupid as before, although still some bout's of stupidity have crept in, as I've written about above!

The upside is, when my green's are big, there big, as I have been recycling my profit in a match. Technically this means I am using bigger stakes then I set out too, something I should address really.
Even sometimes when I make a good green, I can lose it and end up with a red, however I can handle this. It's when I don't exit when I should at times, that's just holding me back...

Like I said already, it's only really been when I have already made a decent profit for the day and it tends to be at the end of my trading day, so I obviously just need to go 'Nope, done now', shut the geek's toy down and go enjoy the rest of my day/evening.

The downside of course for that week has been I have wasted a hell of a lot of profit, luckily, the start to this week (tonight) has been a very good start and I haven't really wasted profit.

I'll have my next update, once this week comes to an end, earlier if I have time.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Going forward

So I've been threatening for a few weeks now to write about how things have been going.

So far, things have been going quite well, I've been learning more things on the ladders and also had to deal with some bad moments also.

One of the biggest issues I have had to resolve, was putting in multiple bets into the market on the ladder. This soon stopped, when I lost 3 bets, due to a player retiring with someone hoovering up my money. Now I split a single stake unit up when need be.

Some things I wanted to discuss today.

The new version of the database I will be recording, encoding and uploading a video tonight just to explain how to use it for first time users, including the new features for v0.4.

In regards to betting, I will be posting bets only on ATP and WTA tour level matches, my four challenger bets all lost, although two of them won the first sets and then lost the entire match, rather annoying!

These will be available on the blog at the start of the new season end of Dec/Beginning of January time.

No more challenger matches for bets though as it's too difficult to get money on, early on, and limited sites that do challenger bets (although I am enjoying trading them on Betfair, as liquidity is ok at times).

Trading, I will be posting my weekly results at the end of each week, this will begin from today as I am now confident enough in my ability.

Videos - I have a few videos available currently and I am making them until the end of the year. These will be available once I upload them, although I am trying to find free hosting at the moment rather then use my dropbox account.

People will be able to compare my videos to my results. I don't do single match recordings unless there is only one or two matches on, my videos last roughly 90 minutes long then I stop the video and record a new one, so some matches may cross over in two videos. I record trading sessions rather then individual matches.

I have stopped trading more then 3 matches at a time now as it becomes a mess on a single monitor screen, however people will be able to see how I multi-trade matches in the videos. To be honest, my setup is pretty bad but I manage to do ok I guess.

I am currently using a £500 bank, using £25 stake each time so only 5% of my bank, whenever I want to have multiple bets in a market that stake now gets split up. I have no intention of increasing or compounding my bank until the start of the new season, I'm still wanting as much consistency as I can get until the start of the new season.

Any money I now make over £500 I remove to my bank account, this stops the temptation of wasting money or increasing my stakes, at the end of the day its another part of discipline, at least for me. I want two months of consistency with November and Decemeber, then in the new season I will look to compound my profits and increase my stakes.

That's about it for now, I will be making more frequent posts from now on, these will be more relating to the days/weeks trading and anything I feel is of interest to share.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Some bet's for today - 02/11/14


Here are some bet's I am putting on today

Liam Broady @ 2.32
Tim Puetz @ 2.28
Florent Serra @ 5.10
Michal Przysiezny @ 3.50

Database v0.4 hot fix & new user version.

As the title says, there is a new version of v0.4 for new users and also a hotfix.

A quick message from the developer below:

"I also found another bug that I fixed so I have also prepared a new version of the update version, so for your existing users. I don’t think they will quickly run into the bug, so just update the version you posted on your blog and if people that already downloaded DO find the bug, just tell them to download the new version (the bug was a crash when you added a trade and there were no sport categories yet for one or more sports).
As for version 0.5, just tell me what comes up in the upcoming days or weeks or what you would like to add or change yourself. I think an improved way to move or copy strategies around would be nice to have. Let me know what else you and/or your users would like or need.
I also think it would be great to have a logo for the program and to have a program icon (I can make that from the logo)."
Existing users, please use this link here:  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/59404409/tradexpert_04_update.zip

New users can download the database from here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/59404409/tradexpert_04_new.zip

Any issues, once again please let me know.

I will have more to update on the blog in the coming week as I have modified my betting model and will be posting my tips on here, so that people can record them if they wish to. I will also have some updates in regard to trading.