Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Mubadala Exhibition - Picks

Even though it's only an exhibition tournament, I'll still be providing picks for it.

I will also have hopman cup picks in the next few days also, as well as the first picks for the first matches on the tour.

Trading for me 'officially' begins tomorrow, there was no money in the ITF tournaments last week. Luckily a few of the hopman cup matches are on in the morning/breakfast hours UK time so I do expect there to be liquidity in the markets (some not bad matches either), so I should be able to trade a couple of games before I go back to work next week at least.

Anyhow, pick for the first matches in the exhibition tournament:

Almagro @ 3.44  - Getting an early price here, well aware he hasn't played since the first half of 2014

All prices will be based on pinnacle sports prices, unless otherwise stated.

I'll be providing some under and over total game picks as well, I have no idea how well these will perform, so I'll see how the season goes and how they perform.

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