Monday, 22 December 2014

Profit & Loss - 11th Nov - 28th Nov

Been well over a month since my last post, no I didn't go hide under a rock, get hit by a bus, break both arms etc, I simply locked myself out of Betfair for a month. However, I did not post my profit & loss before I did this.

All I remember was, I traded badly, that was about it. A month break however has left me refreshed and ready for the new season (my new season started yesterday, I will trade on the ITF events (if there is enough money, can be done for small stakes most likely) and if I get the time of course.

I'd be lying if I said I spent weeks looking or reading up on tennis trading, I haven't.

I simply am not going to 'rush' to trade games this year like I did towards the end of this year.

If I can only get a game or two in the evening so be it, as long as I am patient, I know I grow my bank steadily but also quickly. I just want to be able to not dive in, scrambling to get the geek's toy open and diving in, that's what cost me a lot of money this year. I started to getting grips with things at the back end of this year, however I still had lapses (bad one's at times). Lapses being money management. I believe I'm now more ready to accept losses then before, I know this is pivotal to given me a good 2015.

Profit for horse-racing, loss for tennis.

Enough text-babble.

Screenshot below.

My next post will be about 2015, also I will be doing tennis picks again, posting them on my blog, as well as boxing picks.

The tennis picks/tips I will post on the blog, however I will only be updating my database, it is too time consuming to keep updating the blog daily, so instead I will do a profit/loss figure for them at the end of each month. Anyone wishing to follow (at your own peril), should track there own results.

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