Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Tennis Season - Let's begin 2015

Whilst I have some time, due to the fact my boss sent me home from work as there was not a lot to do, it make's sense to lay out some kind of plan for the 2015 season.

Firstly, the blog.

I will be making an effort to update this weekly, in regards to my results, if for some reason this isn't possible, I will post my profit/loss results when I get a chance too, I won't miss out any gaps.

As I stated in my last post, 2015 season started for me a few days ago, I had a green on the exhibition match of Federer vs Wawrinka (These are trade-able, as long as your careful imo).

So my first profit and loss for my new season will be from the 21st December, I will try to do them Sunday to Sunday now, and keep with that format throughout the next year.

Next in line is the tennis betting. I will be recording a new column, for my bets, which is basically the difference / % of how big the difference between the bookmaker's price and my price is.

I want to make sure a bigger % results in smooth profit line, in reality it should, I need to go through all my results and enter the data then put it into Excel and test.

I will be posting all the bet's where there should be a small enough edge (Like I did some time ago), I want to gather a lot of results. However, my main goal is to keep an eye on the 'filtered' bets.

This basically means, I will be recording a lot of bet's for back-testing reasons. These may or not be profitable long term, however the filtered bet's should (SHOULD being the word here), be profitable over the season.

It will be interesting anyway, again, just paper exercise for me. I'll be giving it at least 3 months, hopefully by June next year I will have sizeable bank to start betting as well as trading and the picks will be in profit.

I will post the picks on the blog and the prices I take, I'll most likely use pinnacle again, even though I can't bet there, there interface makes it easy for me to screenshot all the matches for WTA/ATP tournament/round in one go.

I will not be updating the individual win/loss for the picks on my blog, it's too time consuming and I will have all the data in my database anyway.

At the end of each month I will do a bigger post about how the month has gone overall for my trading and how the picks are going.

I will make a note which of the bet's are the filtered ones.

I'll try my best to keep on top of this, 2015 is going to be a busy one for me with betting/trading.


I will be posting my views on boxing, basically from this date onwards.

Boxing is a funny old sport at times, however, a lot of fight's odd's are definitely well out of line at times. I think it's one of the sport's where good returns can be made.

Whenever there is an opportunity for a bet, I will post it on my blog with reasons (I follow boxing closely).


Have had little feedback on this, I will basically ask the developer to help me with things I need now. I will post the new version whenever they are available, people can of course feel free to download it still. Unless there is demand, I will be focusing on tailoring it towards my needs from now on.

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