Thursday, 15 January 2015

15/01/15 - 16/01/15 - WTA

Horrific results last night for me in the qualifiers.

Hopefully thing's will turn around but it was something like only 6 out of 22 picks won.

I'm not able to get on them at the moment anyway, so that's a bit of a saving grace for me. I will be keeping an eye on the qualifier result's the more I get of them to see how they are performing.

My main concern is with how many picks are being spat out by the model, it's concerning me a little.
It may also be to do with the odds on offer more then anything else, not being as good as main tour matches. I'll give it time anyway to perform, if the qualifier's perform badly over a reasonable number of pick's then I will look to scrap them and concentrate on WTA and ATP tour level matches only (no qualifier's basically).

Anyway tonight's batch.

WTA Hobart:

Brengle vs Nara: Brengle @ 2.11

WTA Australian Open Qualifiers:

Buyukakcay vs Golubic: Golubic @ 3.31
Razzano vs Maria: Maria @ 2.16
Jabeur vs Namigata: Namigata @ 2.92
Karatantcheva vs Panova: Karatantcheva @ 1.66
Peer vs Rodionova: Peer @ 1.86
Bychkova vs Pereira: Bychkova @ 2.04
Wang vs Glushko: Wang @ 2.34
Kucova vs Zanevska: Kucova @ 2.85
Mitu vs Kuwata: Kuwata @ 2.28
Amanmuradova vs Tatishvili: Amanmuradova @ 2.88
Foretz vs Briant: Foretz @ 1.98
Piter vs Eguchi: Piter @ 2.94
Moore vs Glatch: Moore @ 3.01
Hozumi vs Voracova: Hozumi @ 2.33
Liu vs Krejcikova: Liu @ 2.42
Yi-Fan Xu vs Putintseva: Yi-Fan Xu @ 2.71

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