Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Deeper analysis

Deeper Analysis.

Now I have completed new refinements to my Excel spreadsheet, I will be able to analyse results much better.

So far, the men's result's haven't been great. I didn't capture much from the hard court season last year, so I've gone into this year's a little blind on that side of thing's.

I will give it until the end of the month, before I update my spreadsheet and add the new results to it.

So far from my data, I am able to see that WTA on surfaces hard + clay, I should be able to profit from (Hard especially seems to be skewed with a greater profit level).

ATP Men last year made a very nice profit also, however it seems I currently do not have enough data for Men on hardcourts. Therefore it make's sense for the time being, to not supply men hardcourt pick's until I have enough data. I of course will be recording them myself.

I think this is a good way to go, to air on the side of caution.

Secondly, I noticed a better way to analyse my results. It's only when I filter the % chance that I am able to get smoother graph's, changing the odds doesn't really make a difference to the graph long-term it seems.

I will be taking a more in-depth look into all my gathered results, at the end of January after the Australian Open, that way I will have a day or two to export them from my database into the Excel spreadsheet.

I know a few people are following the picks, which is why I decided to take this action, luckily, I will be able to capture quite a lot of hard court data for the men in the next 3 months (including I.hard also!)

Clay tournament's should see the resume of men's picks.

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