Sunday, 19 July 2015

Blogabet - First week of results

So I've pretty much just 'completed' my first week of tips on blogabet.

I have one tip still to be resolved - Ram vs Karlovic, which will be completed later on this evening, that will take me up to exactly 50 tips posted for my first week, which was a number I thought I may hit about two days ago, coincidence that I hit that exact number though!

So far, I have produced 49 VERIFIED tips for a profit of +22 units and a yield of +23%.

These stats were attained by flat betting 2 units at a time, on every game (tip).

Not a bad start indeed, athough it could of been a lot worse, I'm hoping I get off to a good start over my first 200 tips and I already have, although I'm well aware I'm only 50 tips in and a lot can change over the next month. I have faith in my results and I have already logged over a 1000 bets now I believe into my spreadsheet.

It's just a shame for my results that I log based on kelly staking, that the games I staked a lot more on, basically all lost, damn you variance!

The ATP event in Newport though, has been good for my results, again I will know more once I analyse my results later on this evening.

A busy week next week for me with 5 Events covering the ATP and WTA tours on hard and clay surfaces, with the amount of tournament's on, I have a feeling I may break the 100 tips barrier by the end of next week, however it must be said the tournaments have more higher quality players than the one's this week, so we will see what results come.


  1. A yield of 23% is impressive, but like we both know, the sample size has to be a lot bigger. You make this with straight betting? If you can keep these results, you would be the man.

    Yes, next week will be very interesting. I hope for us that the the green way continues. It seems that we improved in the last months...

    Good luck and keep greening!

  2. Yep, it's all done with straight betting. No way I am going to get anywhere near 23% yield long-term, we'll see how good the yield is after 250 bets, 500, 750, 1000 etc :)