Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Trading - Unseen Angles

After looking at my results from my betting for a while now and exchanging comments with tennis-trader, it made me realise something that I was stupidly not realising and not taking advantage of earlier.

Given that I have found an edge with betting, why am I not using this edge for trading also?

I spoke already about maybe finding an automated solution for the new season. However from this week, but most probably starting from next week, I am going to use my own betting analysis to start trading on matches manually. As I don't have loads of free time except on my day off, I'll probably start to make the most of this day off trading on the markets.

It's clear to me now, that I can trade from information I get out of my betting system and should be able to make a good profit. I'll be starting off just with a very small £50 bank and look to use 4% for each trade which equates to £2.

I'll compound the bank as it grows and add additional money over the next few months. I'm very confident that just following a few simple rules, that this wil work and work well.

What I have been doing around 2 months back now, was looking at graphs off Betfair from matches, taking screenshots and looking at the prices in match. What I wasn't doing was thinking how I could apply my betting angle to in-play trading, which is actually very silly of me.

So looking at around 100 different results I recorded from my betting and matching graphs I screenshotted from Betfair, I have been able to guestimate some results by using back and lay calculators to work out profit & loss in certain situations. Of course this is just testing, but the figures are very positive, so I really need to push on forward with this now, so I can look to get real trades in for the rest of the season, looking to really push on for 2016.

I've always enjoyed trying to make money from small amounts, however if it proves as profitable as I think it will be using real-money (obviously I need to see how scaleable it could be, money availabke etc), I will be adding a lot more money into my account as long as my results are consistent. I've been up and down too much in trading in the past that I am still taking a cautious approach.


  1. I´m pretty curious to see the results of this!

    I did something similar in the past but in the opposite way as I tried to translate my trading edge (or the knowledge that is subjacent) to punting. While I didn´t fail miserably, I ended up breaking-even! At that time, i was doing all the bets with the same bookmaker, maybe if I was more picky with getting the best price available, the results could improve a bit. In the end, I gave up on the idea as I was happy with my trading!

    Good luck for your new approach!

  2. Interesting Unknown!

    I'll keep posted how I'm doing, probably as part of my Sat/Sun weekly review with how my betting is going, unfortunately I don't have as much time to do trading as betting takes up a lot of time. However, we are coming to the American/Asian swing now of the season and the games fir my schedule better, so let's see what I can do in the next few months.

  3. Nice that I gave you an idea. Perhaps the tennis trading league is something which goes in your direction: http://tennis-trading-league.com/

    He sets a stop loss 40% above or under his level and trades out when the defined level is reached. It seems one of the better services for me. Nevertheless I feel more comfortable with "real trading", but like he wrote... not everybody has the time to do it. If you can keep your current values (yield over 25%, 50 units in two weeks), I would prefer the straight betting. It's less time consuming than trading... I mean if you like to do other stuff in your spare time like most of the people.