Friday, 28 August 2015

Blogabet weeks 5,6 & 7 update!

So first of all, it's been far too long since my last post.

Week 5 ended with my overall results at +49 units of profit with a 8% yield.

Week 6 ended at +53 units and a 9% yield (overall).

Week 7 hasn't finished for me until after tonight however I dropped down to 41 units at the start of the week, which I felt like crying! 

However I stuck to my guns about variance rearing it's very ugly head. So far I'm at +66 units of profit overall which is a huge recovery for this month but still not a profitable month. After tonight I will be at least +60 units up since I started on blogabet worse case scenario if no tips come in. So far I am only -6 for this month.

I had a few people decide not to subscribe to my service after the first month, presumably because they only made 1-2% yield. Most people did join when I had between 60-70 units of profit, which for them and me, was right before I had a downswing.

I'm hoping that September will prove to be a good solid month and I reach a new peak of profit.

I'm well over 300 tips now, hopefully by the end of the year I am well over the 500 tips mark and I will have at least 4 months worth of results. 

I'm now going to take 2 weeks break from the service for the US Open, as I don't have enough data on 5 set matches or grand slam events overall.

My next post is on Monday and I'll be giving a write up about the upcoming boxing matches along with my selections, I'll be posting these on blogabet also as free tips. I've promised to do Lee vs Saunders before and I will get it done on Monday!

Unfortunately I have to also prepare for a death in the family, as we've been told my grandad most likely won't survive for much longer, so after Monday I will be quiet posting again until after the US Open. I'll need the time to spend time with my family.

On a final note Unknown who runs the football blog on the right hand side of my blog list has written an interesting article, regarding statistics and more. Definitely worth a read and one I will be posting on when I get time!


  1. Sorry to hear about the upcoming death. :-(

    Good to have you back. In my opinion your results are still impressive. If people don't understand that there is variance (especially with your approach) they are not the right customers. That's the reason why I never will make a paid service. You need clients, which think long term. Unkown over and over again told me to think in bigger time frames. That's really important! Yields over 10% are difficult to reach, with 5% people should be happy.

    At US Open you can only bet the girls. I will also concentrate on WTA, because 5-setters are more difficult to trade (at least I have less experience). In general I prefer the girls, in men's matches the serve is often too dominant (clay excluded). For you this has no influence with straight betting.

    Well, I look forward to your next posts. Good luck and keep greening!

  2. First of all, sorry to hear about the bad news, hope you and your family stay strong.

    Thank you for the mention and for the awesome comment on my blog!

    It's all about perspective and probably you're getting clients looking at your service in the wrong way. Honestly and I think I already told you this: your results are great.

    Probably you're always going to have a fluctuating amount of clients, more after the good runs and less after the bad runs. Nothing to do about it, so keep delivering :)

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