Sunday, 27 September 2015

Blogabet Week 9 Results

Now into my 9th week of posting tips on blogabet.

Another good week after a poor start, my overall stats now stand at +94 units of profit and a yield of 12% over 400 tips, although this will drop to around +91 units of profit once my current picks get graded.

I've now reached a new peak, with some people questioning my picks when I hit around a -30 to -35 loss in August (which recovered to -1 units for the month at the end of it). September see's me currently over 20 units of profit, with only a few days left till the end of the month.

Breaking the 100 units of profit barrier seems only a matter of time now. The most important thing is that I am looking towards a really good 2016 after this year's season finishes out.

In other news I started my first sessions this week for my boxing event, hard-work indeed! Although I think my body took less of a shock to the system compared to other people as I was doing a bit of exercising before training began. Still, the second session was bloody hard-work, as expected.

My diet has been overall quite good, although I've slipped this weekend, I intend to fix that for the coming weeks, still haven't touched a glass of wine or beer for weeks now, although I'm not a drinker really anyway so it's not an issue for me but I'm guessing for some people it may be hard to cut it out for 8 weeks.

I'm now booked in for a PT  1on1 session every Saturday to go above and beyond what I'll learn in the normal classes. This is  with the lad who is running the sessions currently, found out he has his first professional fight later on this year so it would be silly not to get additional practice/advice in.

I REALLY need to push on next week though, I was meant to go for a run tonight but was completely wiped after the doggy funday I went to today with me my fiancee and our dog.

Still this week was good, I managed to exercise on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, however I feel like I really do need to up my game next week. I need to start going for runs either in the morning, or after the 1on1 session on the weekend, fit atleast two runs in mon-friday is the goal, along with shadow boxing, pressups, situps and squats. 

That's on top of my current training also, I feel like I have so much more to give and push myself, I feel like my fitness is still far far away where I know or want it to be. Six week's isn't a lot of time and you now how it put it off one week then the next and by the time you know it, the moment is upon yourself. So that's why I have to really push myself next week and rest well and stick to the gameplan.

Tonight I'm going to have a little think about how I start to put it together. Something I need to do as I only have realistically a good 6 weeks to go, so it's now or never to hammer the cardio and hammer it I NEED TO DO.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Blogabet Week 8 Update & News

So it's been quite a while since my last update. In the past two weeks I have had to attend my Grandad's funeral as well as start my picks again.

On top of that I have also signed up to a UWCB event. That's Ultra White Collar Boxing.
I will be doing this for Cancer Research UK, more on that further down this post, along with a link to my justgiving page if you want to sponsor me.

So I have resumed my service on blogabet since the US Open and below are my stats for this week:

Overall I have posted 357 verified tips for a +86 units of profit and a yield of 12%.

This week I am up +16 units of profit, so a good start to September for me.

Next week I have a busy week as their is four tournaments on, two for each tour.

Now about my UWCB event. This will be taking place in Hull on the 14th November, I begin my official training at the gym this Wednesday. There are two sessions each week, however I'll definitely be doing additional sessions. I've done boxing training before so I know how difficult it is.

I've started getting some training in beforehand, although not as much as I would have liked. At the meeting there were quite a few people who had pints, then me next to my fiancee with my Orange Cordial!

There was a huge turnout, however I think a lot of people are going to be in for a shock once the training begins, probably not realising just how hard it is and how much they will have to dedicate to the training/event.

This event is for Cancer Research UK, so far I've raised £60 and the minimum I have to raise is £50 in order to fight, I'm hoping I can raise somewhere over £300 though before the event, but the more the better obviously!

The event will be recorded with GoPro camera's so I read, so my fight should be available on youtube afterwards, which ofcourse I'll link to after the event has taken place.

If you feel like donating to a good cause, or if you just want to pay for me to get punched in the face, you can donate on my justgiving page here:

For more information about UWCB, you can find out all about it on their website here:

There's some interesting fight's coming up in the professional game soon also, which I will be posting on and giving my selections for.

I'll keep people updated on how my training is going for the UWCB event on my blog also at the end of each week.