Sunday, 18 October 2015

See-sawing away

Been a few weeks since my last update.

Blogabet subscription service continues to go quite well, currently the picks are in a see-saw phase, no major downswing or upswing but not really any profit either for the last two weeks. Everytime a pick wins, another one or two lose, then up-down, up-down etc, you get the idea.

Still, just another period of variance and I'm hoping for a nice finish before the end of the season which for me is just weeks away.

As I write this my current stats stand at 533 verified picks, +97 units of profit based on a 2 unit wager on every pick and a yield of +9%.

Picture below of a better breakdown of my results from blogabet.

I will try to put some more interesting posts after my boxing match in November, training is going well although doing some light sparring/defensve work and I got cracked right on the chin, or as Jim Watt would say 'Bang on the chen'. I think they may want to match me with this lad, I have said I honestly think he is too good for me, he was giving me some advice afterwards and he's definitely fought before.

So I would prefer going in against someone who hasn't done it before, it's a bit more difficult though as apparently I'm near the top of the group based on ability so I'm going to get matched hard. That's what I get for putting effort in I guess!

So I will look to move away from just blog posts with an update of how I'm getting on, I've been thinking about it really and I don't think it's really that interesting to follow. Especially when I'm only communicating once every week or two.

Once the boxing event is over, I will be able to focus more time on betting for the new year. The one thing the boxing has taught me is that to succeed you need stacks of discipline, effort but most importantly dedication, you also have to push yourself. The same principles in my opinion apply to trading and betting, you get out what you put in. Actually, these apply to most things!