Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Blogabet update and overall results update (Non-blogabet)

Whilst I have a bit of spare time this evening, it made sense to do an update as I did not get chance to this weekend.

First of all, I have been incredibly busy this week, I have made some big change to my spreadsheet where I record all of my results. I finally managed to scrap all of the tabs/worksheets that I had for each tour and surface (there were over 15 of them..).

I now have one worksheet and I can now filter all of my results by tour, surface, event etc.

I still have some more implementation to add to the spreadsheet and it still isn't where I want it to be. For storing and reviewing my results, it is now streamlined and that's the most important thing for me at this point in time. I still have the ability to filter my results, including by odds and also in combination with odds that the model gives, as well as the above filters. That alone is now brilliant that I can do all of this from one worksheet.

Why is this brilliant? I can now enter all of my data so much quicker, no swapping between worksheets anymore. I can also now combine tours together or surfaces for different tours, multiple combinations to look at.

The only issue I'm having is getting the graph to stay in a certain place on my spreadsheet. Whenever I filter, it automatically updates my graph with the filters I have applied.

The boring stuff out of the way, here's some example's before I go onto my blogabet results.


ATP + WTA Overall (All surfaces, events, odds etc)

ATP Overall (All surfaces, events, odds etc)

WTA Overall (All surfaces, events, odds etc)

WTA Clay Surface Only (No filters, except Clay Surface)

As you can see, it's not plain sailing.

Which brings me onto blogabet.

My blogabet result's for this month have been disappointing, no two ways about it.

I am currently on +59 Units of profit for a +4% Yield, I'm currently down -36 units for this month.

Not a great start as you can see, however I am still positive for the year ahead. I must state that my overall results differ to my blogabet results, as for my blogabet picks I do apply two certain filters. 

Whilst I'm on the subject of blogabet, I'm a little bit disappointed in how the payment system works. Not only do users get a free month if they don't make profit (fair enough, I understand why sites or people do that), it's the fact that blogabet take a 'cut' of your earnings for that month. Also fair enough, right?

What isn't fair is when you have to give out refunds if a subscriber asks for one, that refund doesn't come back out of the cut blogabet takes. I'll give an example to simplify it.

Let's say I have two subscribers at 25euro's each as let's say thats my fee. That gives me 50euros in revenue for that month, however if later on they ask for a refund after having a negative month, blogabet refund them the money but they still take the 30% cut for that revenue range (the cut get's smaller as your monthly revenue increases).

My point is, not only would I be losing 30% to blogabet in the above example, that's before the refund, so effectively you'll be losing money. There's then a refund fee you have to pay also on top of that.

The cut should only be based on revenue you actually keep after refunds in my opinion. It's kind of leaving a sour taste in my mouth at the minute and I'm seriously contemplating leaving blogabet at some point in the near future and just posting my daily picks (ALL of them, no filters), into a Excel spreadsheet that anyone (limited to a certain number of people) can access once I have placed my bets. This would be free.

If I do decide to go this route, then I will update the sheet two times a day ideally, with new picks. I would keep the standardised timings I use at the minute.

The one thing I really enjoy about blogabet is that your picks get verified, if I move off the site, there's no way to verify the odds I record at, I guess I would just need to leave it down to users to see if they can get on at the odds that I publish still.

Anyway, that's enough from me for now, in my next post I'll find something else to talk about. I'll next give an update on my overall results in my spreadsheet in a month or two's time.

I'm also now recording Challenger Events, ATP & WTA Qualifiers and will be looking at Women's ITF tournaments time permitting. Streamlining the spreadsheet has allowed me to record so much more, much quicker. 


  1. Hmm, sounds annoying about Blogabet, maybe with new website planned they'll undergo some changes in that respect. And if nothing does, I'm sure after using your picks plenty of people would donate with the money they made for the service you give!

    Nice to hear you streamlined your spreadsheets, considering the amount of picks you record that must be a life saver as far as time is concerned! And your stats remain super impressive, I mean to be able beat bookies using mainly just pure stats(I assume) - something they have themselves I find super impressive.

  2. Hi Dominic,

    Yes the streamlining is the single best thing I have done for this season!

    I have so far recorded just over 300 bets in January alone (grandslam qualifiers + 1st round of OZ open matches have helped contribute towards that massively). Still have over 10 days left in the month to go also!

    So far this season I've recorded, ATP, WTA, WTA + ATP Qualifier matches and Challenger events. This also includes grandslam matches (1st round so far) and the qualifiers for the OZ Slam.

    In the past it would just not be feasible for me to do this, purely because of the amount of data I have to record. Streamlining has solved this issue though and I'm loving it so far!

    Yes, I have messaged support today infact and they informed me the new version of blogabet is coming real soon (I really hope so).

    I do hope they have an option to search for tipsters who only use asian / non-limiting bookies in this version :).

    I'm glad you find the stats impressive so far. When I actually see my current ROI for all bets, none filtered, it doesn't seem that impressive at all, however if I can maintain even a 2% ROI over 5000 bets recorded, over all tours I'll be very very happy. The way things are currently going, that 5000 bet sample size could well be arriving sooner rather then later.

    I might aswell enjoy the positives now. Before thenimpending downswing comes along, worse then I have ever experienced and sucks away my soul. Not to be a pessimist!!


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